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Holiday Shopping for Your Classroom

Give your students a bright new year with our ultimate list of classroom gift ideas — curated by DonorsChoose, wrapped special for our teachers.


In search of that extra special something for your students this holiday season? The DonorsChoose team has you covered. 

We pulled together the ultimate gift guide made just for you and your classroom — curated from our site’s most frequently teacher-requested items. Explore our list below and wrap up this season with a shiny new list of ideas for your next classroom project.

1. The Essentials: Office & Craft Supplies

When it comes to giving your students what they need to thrive, DonorsChoose teachers know no supply is too simple or small. Give your classroom the everyday essentials including our most popular office and craft supplies including crayons, cleaning wipes for learning spaces, and dry erase markers. 

Need inspiration for your request? Check out Ms. DeCastro’s “Classroom Supplies” project. 

2. Treat Your Shelves: Brand new books!

Got a classroom full of eager readers? Take a page out your fellow teachers’ book for gift ideas: Books by underrepresented authors for making your classroom as inclusive as can be, magazines for getting them started on their love of nonfiction, or full book sets so your kids can keep up with their favorite characters together.

Need inspiration for your request? Check out Dr. Pargas’ “Book Sets for Emerging Readers” project. 

3. Sitting Pretty: Classroom Furniture

As a teacher, you know the very best environment for learning is one that makes a student feel welcome. A few great gift items for doing exactly that? Try some fun and functional bean bag chairs, comfy rugs for learning, and simple classroom storage items sure to keep things in order.

Need inspiration for your request?  Check out Ms. Nolan’s “Cozy Comprehension Center” project.

4. Gifts That Rock: Music Supplies

For any aspiring musicians in your classroom, these gifts will hit the right notes: reeds for that jazzy woodwind sections, tuba mouthpieces for your big brass fans, and music tuners for the entire class. 

Need inspiration for your request? Check out Mr. Dojahn’s “We Will Succeed At Our Deeds With New Reeds” project.

5. Mindfulness Magic: Social-Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a critical component to curriculums and, if you’re hoping to give the gift of some SEL lessons to your students this season, we have a few popular ideas, including mindful mazes, the Invisible String Picture Book,” as well as “180 days of Emotional Learning for Third Grade.”

Need inspiration for your request? Check out Mrs. Albrecht “A Healthy, Strong Classroom” project.

6. P.E. Perfection: Sports Equipment

Physical education is never to be overlooked. Helping students learn teamwork, health, and not to mention fun, here are a few of our most popular “P.E.” gift ideas: Everrich sportive physical education P.E. Fitness Dice Set, Homeroom Physical Education Pack, P.E. cart for carrying all matter of sports equipment and beyond. 

Need inspiration for your request? Check out Ms. Negrillo’s “Get 5th Grade Moving!” project.

7. Sweet Science: STEM for Your Students

Critical thinking, problem solving, curiosity, innovation — we could go on about how beneficial STEM education is for students. Some sweet STEM gift ideas for enriching your classroom? Lab equipment like chemistry goggles, STEM kits, and even building block education disc sets for the younger learner.

Need inspiration for your request? Check out Mrs. Lee’s “STEM for Little Engineers” project.

8. Tech Time: Technology Supplies

Let’s talk tech. Headphones, laptops, and printers are practical tools that keep classrooms running. It’s no wonder they are the most-requested tech supplies on DonorsChoose right now.

Need inspiration for your request? Check out Ms. Emma’s “Multiple Learning Styles in Literacy!” project. 

9. Game on! Toys & Games

You heard it all the time: “Learning can and should be fun.” However, for a classroom teacher, this is easier said than done! Bringing some fresh, fun supplies into your room can definitely help. Some sure winners for your classroom include activities like board games, building toys, and fidget toys to help your lessons and students stay on track. 

Need inspiration for your request?  Check out Ms. Collins’ “Board Games: Bored No More!” project.

The best part about these gifts? Our community of supporters are all ready to help fund any of these items for you and your students right away when you post your next classroom project. Go shopping today and get the supplies your students need for a bright new year ahead. 

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