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Video: How One Teacher Sets His Students on the Path to Greatness

Mr. Cameron, a math teacher from Washington D.C. shares the powerful impact that having a Black teacher had on his life.


Mr. Cameron: “I didn't have my first Black male teacher until my first year in college, and that was actually a math professor. I was underperforming  as a mathematician then, and it was just very life-changing for him to sit there as a Black man to another Black man saying, "Hey, you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing. Get it together. You have a future and you're destined for greatness, so let's get on that path."

And so that's when life clicked for me to become a little bit more serious when I had that. And so I just imagine if I had that when I was younger how much more serious I probably would've took school.

They tell you that if a kid has one Black male educator, they'll make it to college. Right? But my kids have had me for three straight years, so. They should be taking over the world now.”

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