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How to Get the Resources You Need, Year After Year


There are resources you just need again and again. Whether it’s consumable items like paper and pencils, books to refresh your classroom library, or science materials that get broken or worn-out—sometimes you need to post a project similar to one you’ve already posted. But how can you do this easily in a way that respects your time and that of your donors? Follow these four steps to submit a quick, repeat project.1. Use your old project for reference. Was your explanation of how tissues and paper towels make your classroom a healthier, happier place absolutely perfect? Was your description of how crayons and markers make your classroom more colorful spot-on? Re-use the elements of your old essay that you thought were particularly effective.2. Shout out your old project. You’re a DonorsChoose.org veteran. No need to pretend like this is your first time posting for these supplies! Shout out your old project and highlight the effectiveness of the materials and how they helped your students. Using the supplies in a new way this year? Give your new ideas a shout-out, too!3. Highlight the essential nature of the supplies. Often, the items that need to be replaced are the most essential. Let donors know why these items are so important to the classroom community you’re building with your kids. Says teacher Shiela Lee, “Sometimes the boring things are the most necessary. Rather than shying away from that fact, I emphasize it. I stress the necessity of basic items and explain: This is why I need it, why it’s important to me, and why it’s important to my students.”4. Step it up. As you revisit your previous request, take the opportunity of this new project to make changes. Could your essay be a little sharper? Add a new detail or two about your students. Is your project cost over $600? Consider breaking it into two projects for a better chance of full funding. Thought of a new, catchy project title? Use it to make your project stand out from the crowd!

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