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Hurricane Sandy: Stories from the Classroom


Our team is committed to helping classrooms impacted by Hurricane Sandy recover. Dozens of classroom projects have already been supported in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In the coming weeks, we will continue to work with teachers to post projects for their most pressing needs.We've heard from many teachers about their experience over the past week, and wanted to share some of their stories from the classroom:---"Tomorrow, our students will return to school for the first time in two weeks. On Friday night, I saw one of them in a shelter and asked her if she had enough clean clothing. She said, 'Yes, and don't worry - I brought my uniform'.I spoke to the parent of another student whose home was washed away, and when I asked what the school could do to help, he asked if I could help his son with some schoolwork that was destroyed in the storm. These families were left with nothing, and the kids and parents are still thinking about how to succeed in school." - Ms. Hawa, "Sandy Replacement Supplies"---"My students and I are so grateful for your generosity. In what was a very difficult week of tragedy at the hand of Sandy, you are a shining light of hope. Many of us in the East Village of Manhattan have spent the last week without power, water or heat.My students have lost their homes and loved ones. Your support reminds us that we are not alone. These books will add new life and excitement to our classroom as students return to school in the wake of this storm." - Ms. Habib, "Books My Students Will Love"---"We were told to go back to work today and it was very emotional for us. [We] went to the local Catholic Elementary school which has been turned into a shelter for many of our students and the students of the surrounding schools in our neighborhood.These kids live in Gerritsen Beach and many of them have lost EVERYTHING! I just can't even believe it. We were also told that on Monday we will be welcoming students from a school in Coney Island for an undisclosed amount of time." - Ms. Kieran, Email with DonorsChoose.org staff---"I am very touched by the overwhelming support we received following Hurricane Sandy. Our school has been closed for a week as our city and surrounding communities continue to recover from the devastation following the storm. Our school is scheduled to re-open Monday although some of the schools in our city opened Thursday.It was important to get as many of our students back to school as quickly as possible. Due to the economic make-up of the city many of our students and their families count on breakfast and lunch being served during the school day. When our schools are closed many of our students don't have the food they need. Your support has made a difference for us in a difficult time." - Mrs. Luckart, "Play to Learn... Learn to Talk"---"This great news has come at a time of great devastation in our state. Hurricane Sandy has affected many homes and lives, and now you have shed a ray of light in this "dark" time.As I sit here in hour number 2 on a gas line this cold Sunday morning, I am elated that upon returning to school tomorrow after a week of closings due to the storm, my students will be greeted with the awesome news that our project has been funded, and that books are on the way!" - Mrs. McCabe, "Help Us Travel the World"---"After a horrendous week for my students and our school, what could be more uplifting than to see you all come through for us.Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and for making such a difference in these deserving, young people's lives." - Ms. Katz, "Guides to Our Adventure!"

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