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I have a Giving Page, now what?


DonorsChoose.org Giving Pages are a great way to celebrate. Anyone can create a custom Giving Page, add classroom projects that inspire them, then ask their friends and family to support one of the projects in honor of their celebration. We've made creating a Giving Page easy, and now we're doing the same for the last step of the process: asking friends and family to celebrate with you.You may have never fundraised for a non-profit before, so we thought we'd offer some fun tips and tricks to help you get started. Check out this toolkit for ideas on using e-mail and social media to get the word out! And, we've got some words of advice, from the folks at DonorsChoose.org who fundraise for a living:

  • Tell people about DonorsChoose.org: Your friends and family may have never visited DonorsChoose.org. Get them excited to celebrate by telling them about us.
  • Set a goal: Whether you want to raise $50 or help 100 students with your celebration, it's always helpful to have a goal. And, your DonorsChoose.org Giving Page will help you track that goal. Decide on your goal, then work to meet it!
  • Communicate your goal: Tell your friends and family your goal, so they have something to help you accomplish! Once your friends know they can help you reach your goal, they'll be more likely to get involved.
  • Keep people updated: Tell people when you reach 50% of your goal, or when you've almost completed it. This will remind them of your celebration, and encourage them to be part of the fun!
  • Thank your supporters: Make sure to thank everyone who donates to your celebration - they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and be proud that they were involved.

Got any fun tips for celebrating a special occasion with DonorsChoose.org Celebrations? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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