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Adapt these Best-in-Class Projects and Explore Careers of Women in STEM with the IF/THEN Collection for 3X Donations

Check out and get inspired by these 10 most innovative projects!


Giving girls the chance to imagine themselves as scientists, mathematicians, and engineers is essential to turning the tides for women in STEM careers. The IF/THEN Collection seeks to accomplish just that through a digital asset library of women STEM innovators.

Last fall, Lyda Hill Philanthropies asked teachers to share their best ideas for engaging their students in STEM through the IF/THEN Collection. A panel of experts selected the 10 most innovative projects. Congratulations to the winners below!

Recreate a project for your students and receive 3X donation

Lyda Hill Philanthropies wants to help you bring these winning projects to your students. When you create a project to closely adapt one of the 10 winning ideas for your class, you’ll receive 3X donations. That means every $10 given to your project becomes $30, ever $25 becomes $75, and so on.

Plus, the IF/THEN Collection put together video playlists for each project. These videos will help ground your project and set the stage for learning. Explore the broader IF/THEN Collection for even more resources to tap into your students’ passions.

Learn more and get started

3d Printer Needed for Community Service Project

Ms. Boyd | Dallas, TX | Grades 9–5

“In recent times, I have wondered if they have the gear (like masks) to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Our project would couple technology and math to create the PPE face shields.”

Project goal: Engage students in 3D printing activities and explore how 3D printing is used across STEM careers to solve problems and improve communities

Request anything you’d use to simulate 3D printing in your classroom

Actually, It Is Rocket Science!

Ms. Padilla | Tucson, AZ | Grades 3–5

“Students will experience the excitement of STEM careers and the challenges of creating a spacecraft to drop a lunar lander on the moon! Students will be engineers and rocket scientists as they design and build mini spacecrafts and lunar landers using a variety of materials.”

Project goal: Engage students in activities related to space and rocket science and explore how careers in the aerospace field help solve real world problems

Request anything you’d use in an activity demonstrating space or aerospace concepts. For example:

  • Safety Scissors
  • Bullseye Archery Targets
  • Duct tape
  • Assorted books about space exploration and astronauts (see project for more suggestions)

If We Build Up Girls, Then We All Become STEMinists

Ms. Trochez MacLean | Los Angeles, CA | Grades 3–5

“I want to use what [my 4th graders] love to build my girls' confidence in doing science, while helping them learn about successful and inspiring women in their STEM fields… My students will use the IF/Then Collection to research Ana Maria Porras, Beata Mierzwa & Yamilee Toussant Beach, who have combined their love of arts & fashion with STEM.”

Project goal: Engage students in activities that combine creative arts and STEM and explore the intersection of art and science in a various STEM careers

Request anything you’d use in activities that combine STEM and creative arts. Ms. Trochez MacLean requested:

  • Basic Circuitry Materials 
  • Art supplies like copper foil tape, craft sewing kit, embroidery floss, felt fabric sheets & a craft sewing kit

A Bit of Engineering for the Global Goals

Ms. Imhoff | Ashford, CT | Grades 3–5

“It is important for all students to see how science and computer programming can be used to help others. In my experience, when students have the opportunity to use technology to help others, they are more engaged and more of the students become interested in STEM fields.”

Project goal: Engage students in an engineering or computer or data science activity and explore how these STEM subjects can advance solutions for the United Nations Global Goals

Request anything you’d use in an engineering, computer or data science activity in your classroom. Ms. Imhoff requested:

  • Micro:bit 

Women in STEM Exploration, Innovation & Communication through Video Production

Mrs. Johnson | Janesville, WI | Grades 3–5

“Students' video productions will not only demonstrate their knowledge of Women in STEM research, but will include many other elements of STEAM and 21st century skill development including engineering, technology, video production, green screen effects, creativity, collaboration, and communication.”

Project goal: Engage students in a STEM activity or experiment and make connections between historical figures of women in STEM and today’s STEM pioneers in similar fields

Request anything you’d use in a STEM-based classroom activity (with or without video production).

Bacterial Diversity in NYC: Supporting Underrepresented Science Research

Mr. Joralemon | New York, NY | Grades 9–12

“Students develop their own questions, and we'll help them develop experimental designs, and then show them how to swab using these supplies. They'll grow the bacteria (either at home, or in our schools' incubators), and track the growth along with their classmates every day.”

Project goal: Conduct experiments or classroom activities to learn about bacteria and its presence in our daily lives while also learning about what it means to be a bacterial scientist

Request anything you’d use in a bacteria-related activity. Mr. Joralemon requested:

  • Cultural Bacteria (i.e. Agar)
  • Sterile Swabs 
  • Decorative Masking Tape

Doing What Scientists Do: This Is What Science Looks Like!

Mrs. Russ | Valparaiso, FL | Grades 6–8

“My students will see what science looks like by hearing from an IF/THEN Collection scientist, and then do what the scientists do through a variety of hands-on lab experiences related to the featured scientist's field to enhance our Earth Science class.”

Project goal: Conduct earth science experiments or classroom activities and explore STEM careers that research and protect the natural world

Request anything you’d use in an earth science related activity. Mrs. Russ requested:

  • Earth Science Investigative Activity Kits

RVR Controllers for Women in STEM Project

Mr. York | Tulare, CA | Grades 9–12

“During this unit, students will investigate a person that has impacted society through robotics. They will be encouraged to use the IF/THEN collection that showcases many of the females in the robotics field.”

Project goal: Engage students in robotics activities and explore how robotics is used across STEM careers to solve problems

Request anything you’d use to explore or simulate robotics in your classroom. Mr. York requested:

  • Robotics + Wireless Controllers

Budding Ecologists Need a Drone and Hydroponics System

Ms. Fong | Oxnard, CA | Grades 9–12

“I am going to introduce my students to the IF/THEN collection so they can learn about strong women in the STEM field, like Sam Wynns, a Conservation Biologist for the National Parks Service. She preserves the plants and animals of Cabrillo National Monument by collecting data and doing field studies of species populations. My students will use a drone when we study spatial ecology.”

Project goal: Conduct environmental science experiments or activities (with or without a drone!)  and explore STEM careers that research and protect our natural world

Request anything you’d use in an environmental science related activity. Ms. Fong requested:

  • Drone with Remote Controller  
  • Hydroponics Activity Kits 
  • Small Parts Envelopes 
  • Office Garden 
  • Basil Herb Seeds

We Should be Dutiful; to Keep the Marine Beautiful

Ms. Sebert | Albany, NY | Grades 9–12

“Many of these students have a natural curiosity about the ocean but haven't ever been able to visit the ocean and see it first hand. They have a desire to not only learn more about the animals and plants within the water but the human impacts on the ocean, as well as the biogeochemical and physical workings.”

Project goal: Anything you’d use in an ocean or marine science related activity and/or  any equipment needed to stream or leverage IF/THEN Collection content

Request anything you’d use in an ocean or marine science related activity. Ms. Sherbert requested:

  • Marine Biology Investigative Activity Kits
  • Dissection Materials
  • Dissection Digital Resources (Available at Carolina Biological Supply Company)


Inspired? Visit our help center for even more details on how to adapt these projects and qualify for 3X donations. And don’t forget to check out the IF/THEN Collection playlists for each.

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