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Introducing the New Social Media Interns: Carolyn and Margie


This story begins three and a half years ago when Margie and Carolyn arrived at Barnard College from opposite ends of the country – Carolyn from “hippie” Portland, Oregon and Margie from “slow-motion” Goshen, New York. After several chance encounters, which are bound to happen when you’re in the same 10 person seminar, Margie and Carolyn finally went from simply acknowledging each other as that “girl with hip style and a California vibe” and that “bubbly Asian girl from down the hall” to becoming friends. They are now happy to bring their friendship to a whole new level at DonorsChoose.org as part of the Marketing Team.As social media interns you will find them tweeting about mustaches, blogging (about classroom projects), and uploading classroom pictures to Facebook. When they aren’t blowing up the internet with exciting news about DonorsChoose.org, the pair enjoys typical college student activities: eating, sleeping, and procrastinating (in the library, of course).After spending three years in The Big Apple, Margie and Carolyn have generously decided to compose a list of their Top 10 Tips to City Living:

  1. Always have an umbrella handy
  2. Know your Starbucks order before you get to the front of the line. If you don’t, a riot will ensue.
  3. Take advantage of the culture: the ballet, the opera, and Broadway plays.
  4. Explore other boroughs (there is an amazing Indian restaurant in Queens called Kabab King).
  5. Never bash the Yankees… not that you would ever try to.
  6. Explore Brooklyn Bridge Park: it has a merry-go-round AND views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.
  7. Go to all of the free events, including but not limited to: Shakespeare in the Park, Movies in Bryant Park, and Summer Stage Free Concerts.
  8. Look out for the holiday displays on 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue, and at the Macy’s in Herald Square.
  9. The subways are constantly under construction on the weekends: plan ahead.
  10. ALWAYS go to Restaurant Week.

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