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“Is that all you've got?” – The Men of George Peabody Elementary in San Francisco Face The ‘Stash


The dads of San Francisco’s George Peabody Elementary School have banned together to put themselves (and their facial hair) out there to raise money for the classrooms of their elementary school. What inspired these men to endure the Month of the Mustache? Dan, a second grade dad, answered:

“Easy. This is a great opportunity to make a concrete impact in the classroom, helping teachers and students to fund worthwhile projects they would otherwise be unable to afford… It’s powerful to be able to witness the direct impact of this type of fundraiser, and to see first-hand how these generous contributions positively affect my child’s classroom and school.”

The movement at George Peabody Elementary started in 2009 when Principal Vroegh decided to embark on a quest for fabulous facial hair and funding for his school. He raised $2,500 on his own. The next year he recruited 5-6 dads from the school to the challenge and they raised $6,000. In 2011, their numbers doubled as 12 daring men volunteered their upper lips to the cause. Together they raised $11,000. This year more dads, grandparents, teachers, teacher’s husbands, and of course the man who started it all, Principal Vroegh are participating in the Mustache Movement to benefit George Peabody Elementary. The group of 17 has already raised $12,400 which is past their halfway point.The dads are in good spirits, exchanging banter and asking each other “is that all you've got?” Keep on growing men of George Peabody Elementary, we wish you and your mustaches all the best! Check out the San Francisco Growers Giving Page to help these men achieve their fundraising goal.

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