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It’s a M4K Showdown!


This year it appears as though we have a mustache showdown between our top two Mustaches for Kids growers! It’s a matter of: East vs. West, Mike D. vs. Mike D., mustache vs. mustache! Who will win this contest of manliness? Will it be Mike Doyle (pictured right), who leads San Francisco with $7,653 donated so far? Or will it be former San Francisco grower Mikey Dobin (pictured left) who now leads the east from South Florida with $5,443 donated?Only time will tell as the Mustaches for Kids challenge draws to a close on November 3rd at the highly anticipated event of the season, ‘Stash Bash. In the meantime, keep up the great work fellas, your mustaches are lookin’ mighty “fun.” Remember, it’s for the kids!

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