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It's a (Pet) Party!


We know that lots of you love your pets, and that your pets love attention. So, we created Pet Celebrations – a special party just for pets (and their owners) to celebrate their birthdays, their adoption, or just being a much-loved pet.To get started, simply create a Giving Page for your furry friend, and add the classroom projects you both care about. Then, ask your friends and family to support those projects. Just think of all the attention your pet will get for helping kids!We’ve already had some cool cats and dashing dogs help lots of students in need and we wanted to share some of their awesome stories:

Sparky was recently adopted by some very loving humans who wanted to celebrate his new life. So, he and his owner chose some projects close to their hearts. They’ve already helped more than 12,000 students and they aren’t stopping.Leo

n has been described by loving family members as “discerning” and “intense”. Sounds like a lovable little guy! Leon just loves science, and wants to help students get the materials they need to learn his favorite subject. Discerning, indeed.

This is George. George is a good dog. In fact, his full name is George the Good Dogg. George loves kids, naps, smokin' hot poodles, and slow cats. As George always says, “Give and your bowl will always be full”. What a wise dog!

Zeus, the official mascot of the DonorsChoose.org Marketing Team, just loves a good party (and a good party hat). Check out some of the “cat-astic” projects he’s chosen and help him celebrate. He deserves it after all the e-mailing he’s been up to lately.Sounds like a party, huh? At this point, your party animal is probably begging to join! Don’t make him beg too long – it takes just 60 seconds to create a Giving Page and start helping students in need.

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