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Join us April 25th at 2:00pm ET for our Webinar on How to Start Your Own Online Giving Marketplace: Finance


Do you work for a nonprofit organization, or are you considering starting one and want to incorporate some DonorsChoose.org-like aspects?In response to frequent requests from folks like you, we’ll host an informal webinar on Wednesday, April 25th at 2:00pm ET.In this 1-hour webinar, our finance team will spend the first 30 minutes covering the topics below, following up with 30 minutes of Q&A:

  • What should a finance team focus on in the early years of the organization?
  • How do you create a system to manage Accounts Payable?
  • How do you provide a level of transparency that allows donors to see exactly how each of their dollars is spent?
  • How do you work with the business and development team to efficiently manage grants?
  • The webinar is open to anyone interested in learning more about DonorsChoose.org’s finances, and how they’ve evolved into what they are today.
    Please RSVP to join us.
    We hope you’ll join us for an engaging discussion!

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