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Kickball Time!


As the back to school season "kicks" DonorsChoose.org into ever higher gears, our time here is sadly winding down.  Diverging briefly from the usual tone of our blog posts, we'd like to say it’s been an incredible summer, and we’re so grateful to have had the chance to work at DonorsChoose.org.With our departure approaching, we’ve got one last chance to go out with a bang! Here at DonorsChoose.org, we have a long tradition of testing our strength, speed, wits, and courage on the grandest of stages – the kickball field.  Every now and then we unite to face off against other brave souls on the legendary Central Park fields.  Our results this summer have been somewhat spotty, but we chalk it up to our merciful desire not to inflict psychological trauma upon our opponents.  We’ve got a big game coming up against an old rival though, and we interns are hoping to seal our legacy with some big catches and even bigger kicks.It’s been an honor to help get much needed supplies to students and teachers all over the country!  We’ve marveled at all the fantastic projects posted and ooh-ed at the adorable pictures uploaded this summer, and we wish everyone a happy and learning-filled school year!

**UPDATE**  Read a summary of our last game with more photos **UPDATE**

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