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How Macy’s and DonorsChoose.org Teamed Up to Bring over 2,500 Classroom Dreams to Life


If you visited a Macy’s this past July, you might remember seeing our name on your way to checkout. For three weeks, we partnered with Macy’s for the “Make Good Cents” campaign so customers at every Macy’s store across the country got the chance to round up their purchase to help local classrooms. All of that change added up: By the end of the month, Macy’s and its customers had given over $920,000. Thank you so much to everyone who donated for your generosity!Every donation is going to a classroom in the same area as the store in which it was given. That means if you shopped at our local Macy’s on 34th Street in Manhattan, your donation will go to help a class of New York City students. Over $800,000 has already been distributed to classrooms!Teachers, there are still some regions that have funding available. Check here to see if your next project might qualify for funding.Here are three of our favorite classroom projects that generous Macy’s customers helped fund:Mr. P’s Ohio students added a 3D printer to their engineering toolkit for their FIRST robotics team. But they have loftier goals than just winning the next competition. “This year, as a robotics team, we dedicated ourselves to increase the number of female students in the field of engineering, starting from our school's robotics team. We believe that if we can create this in our school environment, it will then affect our city, state, country and then maybe even the world. Because as you may know, big differences start with a small step.”Ms. Jackson from Orlando, FL, built a library of books on filmmaking to help her students build their writing, cinematography, and editing skills. “My goal is to continuously produce students who can create quality, compelling videos. They should all understand the art and craft that is film and television production so they can better understand their world and the impact that they can have.”Mrs. Karshner from Colorado added hands-on learning materials to her elementary classroom to help her students engage with math and language arts.“With the addition of the materials you donated to our classroom, students were beyond excited to participate. Instead of hearing groans when I told the class we would be practicing text structures, I heard cheers. Instead of seeing students reluctant to participate, I had students begging to begin the lesson.”Check out every project Macy’s has helped fund, over 2,500 so far!

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