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How to Make the Most of the 20th Anniversary Celebration


On September 16, 2020, we mark 20 years of funding teacher ideas on DonorsChoose! Our community is celebrating by doing what we do best: supporting you and your fellow teachers. Starting at 7am ET on September 16, donations to every single project will be at least 50% matched! That means that for one day only, every $20 gift turns into $30, every $50 into $75, and so on. You can follow the action on social media using the hashtag #DonorsChoose20.

As a public school educator, here’s how you can make the most of this special day on DonorsChoose:

If you have a project live right now

This is a school year where folks know you’re moving mountains to be able to support your students. There are a few tried-and-true methods to let supporters  know about your project. Here are a few options. Teachers with fully-funded projects usually do at least 2 of these!

  • Text your project link to your favorite group chat and let your friends and family know that donations are matched today! Suggest they share your link on their own social media accounts (or donate, if they can).
  • Email 3 people individually about your project. Let them know there’s a match and share your project link. Those folks who have asked how the year is going so far? Email them on September 16th and let them know what your students need!
  • Post your project link on your social media account of choice. The match day is the PERFECT excuse to put your project out there! Whether you’re into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok (or all of them), use it as your megaphone on behalf of your students.
  • Get a little outta-the-box. Want to shake up your outreach a bit? There are so many ways to advocate for your students. Whether it’s asking your students’ parents to share your project link or hosting a quick Zoom giving party with those who are cheering for you, you can find the option that’s right for you.

If you don’t have a live project

If you don’t have a project on DonorsChoose on September 16, we hope you’ll still feel the support and appreciation our community has for you and all you do. Keep up with the action on social media using the hashtag #DonorsChoose20 and take every single shoutout from across the country as a huge high-five. Thank you for all you do!

Want to support your fellow teachers who have a live project? Post the www.DonorsChoose.org link on your social media and share about the match!

If you have never used DonorsChoose before

Register on DonorsChoose during our 20th Anniversary Celebration and get $20 for your first classroom project. Plus, we’ll match donations during your project’s first week on the site. Find out more.

DonorsChoose was founded by a history teacher in the Bronx who figured that if folks knew what his students needed, they’d want to help. Twenty years and over 1 million teacher projects later we know for sure: He was right.

This is perhaps the toughest year for you and your fellow teachers in recent memory, and we hope you’re heartened and encouraged by the people who are hearing the needs of you and your fellow teachers through your projects — and showing up to help. Let’s seize this moment and bring as much support to students as we can!

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