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Meet our New San Francisco Office Space

DonorsChoose.org SF Office

Our West Coast team recently moved into a new home, right in the heart of San Francisco. Now that space is ready to go, thanks to pro bono design work from Eight Inc.

Housed in the 1920’s Varlow Building, DonorsChoose.org occupies an entire floor of this historic building. In collaboration with VWB Architects, the new space has been created to support their unique business model and working style. The most significant feature in the space is a centrally located “fort” built from a system of modular wood boxes. This structure houses multiple functions and removable panels of felt, chalkboard material or wood allow for infinite combinations of use and aesthetic. The space accommodates a meeting room, a study nook, pin-up surfaces and multiple options for storage and display. Workstations and collaborative tables are dispersed throughout the space to provide a variety of public and private working postures.

Read more about the inspiration and design process on their blog.

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