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How Teachers at Mitchell Elementary are Rebuilding After Hurricane Harvey


In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey swept across Texas and Louisiana, causing over $125 billion in damage. Hundreds of schools were in its path, and those teachers have spent the past school year slowly rebuilding their classrooms.Take Mitchell Elementary in Houston. Their building was severely damaged during the storm, and with it all of their supplies for the new school year. When the waters receded, Mitchell's teachers and students moved to a different campus across town to start the year, three weeks late and with only the bare essentials in their classrooms. To salvage the school year, they turned to the community, creating dozens of projects on DonorsChoose.org for pencils, paper, printers, and everything else you can imagine. In the video above, Mitchell's teachers and principal talk about the storm, and how your donations helped them get back on their feet.

"There really aren't words to describe what that feels like. To lose everything, and have people you don't know willing to help you... it gives you hope." – Ms. Wells, Mitchell Elementary

We can't say it enough: Thank you! You came through for these Texas teachers, and thousands more like them, when they needed it most.

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