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Music Projects in NOLA!


We love when foundations utilize DonorsChoose.org to achieve their mission of impacting public education. We especially love when they use our site to impact a valued national treasure, such as music in New Orleans. And we triple love when they make one of their first grants as a foundation to support music projects in New Orleans through DonorsChoose.org!Music Empowers Foundation was founded in 2010 with the knowledge that music ignites children’s creativity, fosters a sense of accomplishment, and empowers them to achieve and succeed in all aspects of their lives. As one of their first grants, Music Empowers Foundation has decided to sponsor a Double Your Impact campaign for music projects in New Orleans through DonorsChoose.org. Would you consider funding a project in need with the help of Music Empowers Foundation? Oh, and be sure to check out their sweet new website and Facebook page!

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