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10 Must-Have Graphic Novels For Your Bookshelves

Build your students' love of reading with these popular graphic novels.


“Graphic novels not only promote reading, but they also help to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, and reading stamina.” — Mrs. Ureta, middle school teacher, Texas

Readers of all ages love graphic novels. Students get especially excited when they see a graphic novel on their reading lists! (What teacher doesn’t want that?) These ten graphic novels are the most requested by DonorsChoose teachers — check out these top picks and add them to your library!

1. Invisible: A Graphic Novel by Christina Diaz Gonzalez and Gabriela Epstein 

After finding themselves in trouble, five unique middle school students are forced to complete community service together. At first, they assume that they have nothing in common aside from being Spanish-speakers. When they meet a girl who needs help, they come to learn that they have more in common than they realized.

2. Frizzy by Claribel A. Ortega and Rose Bousamra

Frizzy is the story of a young Dominican girl who has a complicated relationship with her naturally curly hair. With the help of her best friend and her Tía Ruby, she begins a heartwarming journey of embracing herself and her curls.

3. I Survived Hurricane Katrina by Lauren Tarshis and Scott Dawson 

The third installment of the I Survived series, is about an eleven year old boy and his family that try to ride out Hurricane Katrina in their New Orleans home. This graphic novel series became popular for the way it combines historical facts with a truly captivating story.

4. Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery by Ann M. Martin and Cynthia Yuan Cheng

Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery is the seventeenth novel of the well loved The Baby-sitter’s Club books. In this story, Mary Anne ignores a chain letter and then experiences a series of unfortunate events along with her friends. When she discovers a new note, Mary Anne and her friends become determined to solve the mystery and find out who is behind the letters.

5. Miles Morales: Shock Waves by Justin A. Reynolds and Pablo Leon

This middle-grade graphic novel features one of Marvel’s most loved superheroes, Spider-man. As Miles Morales (aka Spider-man) navigates the balance of swinging through Brooklyn and being a regular kid, he also uncovers secrets that force him to go after some big threats. 

6. Moon Rising by Tui T. Sutherland and Mike Holmes 

Moon Rising is the 6th book in the #1 New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series. This fantasy graphic novel hooks readers in with a mystical world full of dragons., prophecies, and special powers.

7. City of Dragons: The Awakening Storm by Jaimal Yogis and Vivian Truong

When Grace is on a school field trip, she comes across an old mysterious woman who gives her a dragon egg. After the dragon hatches, Grace and her friends have to protect it from sinister forces.

8. The Tryout: A Graphic Novel by Christina Soontornvat and Joanna Cacao

The Tryout is a touching graphic novel based on author Christina Soontornvat’s life in middle school. In this story, Christina and her best friend have to navigate trying out for the cheerleading squad as the only two students of color in their Texas school. 

9. Cat Kid Comic Club #4: Collaborations by Dav Pilkey

Naomi, Melvin, Poppy, Gilbert, Curly, and their siblings are thrilled to start making funny and original comics again. When these baby frogs work collaboratively, they learn that small things can have a big impact. 

10. PAWS: Mindy Makes Some Space by Nathan Fairbairn and Michele Assarasakorn 

Mindy and her best friends own a  booming dog walking business and things couldn’t be any better. But when Mindy experiences some growing pain at home and at school, she has to learn to let new people into her life.

Are you excited to get these graphic novels for your students? Create a DonorsChoose project and let our community help you get the resources you need!

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