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Mustaches for Kids: Dr. Alonso’s Clean Shave


“Soup-strainer”, whiskers, and ‘stash are commonly used words to describe one thing: the mustache. Throughout history, mustaches have embodied a number of meanings and uses. The mustache has become a symbol of one’s power, manliness, or just a simple fashion statement. For the month of October, the mustache will take on another purpose: helping children. Men across the country have risen to the calls of DonorsChoose.org’s Mustaches for Kids challenge. Clean shaven of all facial hair, these brave men have dedicated an entire month to growing out the fuzz on their upper lips in hopes of being crowned Mustache King and (more importantly) to raise money for schools in need.We are excited to introduce Dr. Andrés Alonso, CEO of Baltimore City Schools and seasoned Mustaches for Kids grower. This year he entered the challenge a little differently. In addition to creating his Giving Page to ask his friends and colleagues to sponsor his mustache to benefit schools in Baltimore, he kicked off his growing season with a trip to the Cosmetology Suite at Carver-Vocational Technical High school. There, Dr. Alonso sat down and had the students give him a clean shave – eliminating his rather impressive beard. His incredible transformation was documented in this amazing video.Thank you for your participation Dr. Alonso – we can’t wait to see Baltimore Schools (and your mustache) grow!

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