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Myth Buster: The Teacher’s Lounge


For years students everywhere have taunted, dared, and double-dog-dared each other to cross the threshold into the most sacred school space: The Teacher’s Lounge. Finally, we here at DonorsChoose.org have taken it upon ourselves to put an end to the myths and legends drawn up by the imaginations of ten-year-olds. We asked, and teachers answered. Here are five of our favorite responses to the age old question: What really goes on in the teacher’s lounge?

  1. “We visit with one another and build each other up. Food, laughter, connecting and all around good times. An important part of our day as a school that works with very challenging student issues.” –Ms. Bickle-Richardson, Teacher
  2. “Our lounge has LOTS of laughter!!! It helps with this hardest job in the entire world we call "teaching.” We are such a support system to each other.” –Ms. Kaiser, Teacher
  3. “It's a place where I go after I take my students to the cafeteria, go to the restroom, heat my food and check my mailbox BEFORE I return to pick up my students within a 27 minute span.” –Ms. Ladd, Teacher
  4. “We eat together and enjoy each other’s company.” – Mr. Wright, Teacher
  5. “Ours is a multi-purpose room. Mailboxes, coffee, water and soda machine plus a couple microwaves. We have a quarterly staff potluck to help us keep our sense of community. Lots of laughing occurs in ours. I love my school family!” –Ms. Clarke, Teacher

There you have it, a snapshot into the lives of teachers – hard-working, in constant motion, and full of laughter. Thank you teachers for working so hard to provide your students with an amazing education!

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