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NCAA’s Fund the Future Campaign


Hey all you March Madness fans! Get ready to learn about an exciting funding opportunity that’s sure to be a “slam dunk”! NCAA is fired up about helping future student athletes, both athletically and academically, and DonorsChoose.org is thrilled to be partnering with them to get all kinds of materials back into our public K-12 schools. Our goal is to provide students with a complete educational experience and this partnership will not only help make sure classrooms have books and computers, it will also help deliver items like hula hoops, jump ropes, and basketballs, too!Be sure to check out NCAA’s Fund the Future site for a list of great projects that are waiting to be funded. After you do, we guarantee that the next time you hear tons of screaming college basketball fans through your TV sets you’ll automatically think about the students who will be cheering just as loudly when they see all the exciting materials being delivered through their classroom door!Thanks NCAA!

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