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New Ways to Give: McClintock Partners in Education THANKS GIVING Project


Linda Cagely of McClintock Partners in Education (McPIE) posed an interesting question: “What if we said ‘THANKS’ with ‘GIVING’ back?” Linda volunteers at McPIE, a community partnership that supports the Title I school in Charlotte, NC, McClintock Middle School. Recently, she wrote to us explaining the way that McPIE uses DonorsChoose.org gift cards to create change.It all started two years ago when McPIE was searching for a small, yet meaningful thank you for their dedicated volunteers. After a little consideration, McPIE launched the DonorsChoose THANKS GIVING Project. At the end of each semester, the organization says “thanks to our volunteers with $10 DonorsChoose.org giving cards.” The volunteers can then give back to the classroom project of their choice. Many of the volunteers didn’t stop with their $10 gift cards, several continued to contribute to classrooms in need. A lot of the volunteered have reported feeling “more connected to classrooms as they’ve posted notes and received replies.”McClintock Middle School is always looking for help beyond what McPIE can accomplish. Since 2008 the school has had 235 projects funded totaling $88,759. Their goal is to fund $100,000 in projects and would love some help! Thank you so much for your support Linda and the McClintock Partners in Education, your passion is greatly appreciated.

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