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On the 12th Day of Donating: “Masterpieces for Mom”


Since the holidays are nearly upon us, Mrs. Contreras’ students at Gates Elementary in Los Angeles, CA have repeatedly asked her if they could create holiday “masterpieces” to bring home to their parents as holiday gifts. Most of the students in Mrs. Contreras’ class are Latino or Asian and all are English language learners. Despite the language barrier, Mrs. Conterars knows her students “hold a high potential for academic success.”Each child in Mrs. Contreras’ classroom has a wild imagination. They have soaring dreams where they “go on magic carpet rides where they can be and do the impossible.” She hopes that she can channel this amazing quality through art projects and has requested paints and painting accessories for her classroom. Mrs. Contreras says “I truly enjoy when my little one brings home her works of art so I would love for my students’ parents to experience the same.” To help bring the spirit of the holidays into the homes of Mrs. Contreras’ students, take a look at her project request.

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