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On the 2nd Day of Donating: “Holiday Craft Fair”


At Albert Einstein High School in Kensington, MD Ms. Putman wants to give her students the opportunity to get in the holiday spirit through art. She plans to host a holiday craft fair during the Albert Einstein’s Saturday school where students have the “opportunity to foster and explore their creativity In order to make a special gift for their parents or friends.”Most of Ms. Putman’s students embrace Saturday School as a way to demonstrate their dedication as students. Every Saturday these students arrive at school to improve their math and reading skills. Because they have been working so hard, Ms. Putman feels that her class deserves a chance to engage in art. Her plan is simple and involves three projects: “Mini Masterpieces” which consist of artistic trading cards for her students to exchange, “Collage Degree” which is a small vision board, and “Because I felt like it” where the students will use felt to make magnets or broaches.The motto of Saturday School is “I believe in me!” Ms. Putman firmly believes in her students and art. She understands that “art instills confidence because it teaches children to be creative and innovative.” Help bring confidence and holiday joy to Ms. Putman’s class by checking out her project.

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