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On the 9th Day of Donating: “We Want to Preserve Our Work!”


Ms. M of Elementary School 8 in Bellville, NY asks you to think back to your time in elementary school. Think back to the days you did crafts in class and how excited you were to show them to your parents. The holiday cards, mother’s day paintings, and father’s day bookmarks. Remember the final bell ringing and stuffing them into your backpack? Remember seeing your mother and father at dinner and pulling out a crinkled doodle from your book bag? For Ms. M’s students, these memories are all too fresh. In an effort o to prevent the unintended destruction of classroom crafts, she has requested a laminator and laminating pouches to preserve her classroom’s art projects.Hopefully, the Mini Classroom Laminator machine will preserve the holiday art projects Ms. M’s students create. To read more about how Ms. M plans to use the laminator in the classroom, take a lok at her project page.

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