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One more month to sign up for Disney's Planet Challenge!


As many of you may know, Disney’s Planet Challenge has partnered with DonorsChoose.org again this year to support 3rd-8th grade hands-on environmental learning projects. Through this Double Your Impact offer, schools across the country now have robust recycling and composting programs, school gardens are being planted, and students are engaged in research and cleanup ideas for local watersheds and parks. Check out some of the great projects supported so far: Breaking it Down – A School Wide Composting Project and Future Leaders in Alternative Energies.Disney’s Planet Challenge is a fun competition for classrooms to come up with a creative project idea for helping the environment. Plus, any teachers who have a qualifying project on DonorsChoose.org who also register for the Disney Planet Challenge will receive full project funding for their DonorsChoose.org project! The deadline to sign up is Friday, December 17th, so don’t wait! Submit your project to DonorsChoose.org and sign up for the Disney Planet Challenge now. Good luck!And, for those of you who want to join Disney in bringing some of these awesome environmental projects to life, just check out these projects that are still waiting for matching funding. You can help our public school students learn to go green and make a real impact on the planet. Thanks Disney!

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