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One Teacher, 16 Students, and An Epic College Tour


How can students imagine a college future for themselves if they've never stepped foot on campus?

Steve Cain, a teacher at Duncanville High School in Texas, knew that his many of his students had never left their own city limits, let alone the state and that many of them had never considered traveling to attend college away from home as an option. With this in mind, he turned to DonorsChoose.org and raised over $21,000 to take his students on a college tour they'd never forget.

With the help of their local community and strangers around the country, the project was fully funded in less than two months. Sixteen high school juniors embarked on the trip of a lifetime this past summer, visiting 18 college campuses across 11 states. According to Steve, no one initially believed they would be able to raise the funds. Thanks to a match from Google, word spread quickly about the project, and students even took to posting fliers around town to help raise awareness.

This group of juniors is some of the highest performing students at their school, and the idea for the project originated after they had all spent the year participating in an after-school college readiness program. They were incredibly grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity, and you can experience their college tour journey with them.


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