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Aww. We’re Oprah’s favorite.


You guys might have heard by now, but on Monday we were thrilled to learn that we made the list of Oprah's Favorite Things 2010. We're still still recovering from the excitement. Mostly because we never imagined we'd stand shoulder to shoulder with a chicken pie, those glittery UGG boots, and Jay-Z. But I guess we're all peas in a pod, now. Who knew?One of the items Oprah mentioned was our partnership with Bing to help them deliver $1 Million to public schools. They've been exceedingly generous all year in their support of teachers and students throughout the country, and continue to work tirelessly to engage new people in discussion about our country's public education system. We truly cannot thank them enough for their efforts.  They also filmed this great interview with our founder Charles Best a few weeks back, which is surely worth a look.We're told many people use Oprah's Favorite Things as a personal shopping list for the holidays. If that's the case, and you came here looking for DonorsChoose.org gift ideas - good job. You have come to precisely the right place. Our holiday gift cards are adorable, heartwarming, tax-deductible, and always ship free. Pretty sure only one of those things is true about the aforementioned UGG boots. (Hint: it's not "adorable," "heartwarming," or "tax-deductible.")

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