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Our Favorite Moments from Teacher Appreciation Week(s)


We love teachers so much that we couldn’t contain our appreciation to just one week!

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week spanned two weeks at DonorsChoose.org. From partner funding celebrations to features on Good Morning America, there was excitement, laughter, and, of course, lots of projects funded. Here are some of our favorite moments from the weeks.

Google.org kicked off Teacher Appreciation Week with a sitewide donation boost

Teacher Appreciation Week got off to an amazing start when Google.org boosted donations to every classroom project by 50% on Monday, May 6. In a single day, Google.org helped bring over 3,600 projects to life!

Teachers got some extra flair on Teacher Appreciation Day

On Tuesday, teachers logged into their accounts and saw a bit of extra love from our team. We shouted out what makes teachers awesome in one of our favorite ways — with alliteration!

Partners kept the funding going all week long

Our friends at SONIC Drive-In, GM, Vertex, AT&T, and Yamaha supported projects throughout the week on both the national and the local level. Over the course of the week, 7,860 teacher had projects funded, including 1,445 teachers who had a classroom project brought to life for the first time.

Craig Newmark surprised everyone with a million dollar sitewide match

Just when you thought Teacher Appreciation Week was over, Craig Newmark kept it going by doubling donations to projects! Craig’s funding was announced on Good Morning America as part of a week-long celebration of teachers, and helped fund an additional 4,890 project requests.

Lupita Nyong’o and Robin Roberts helped us launch #ISeeMe

On Thursday, Good Morning America gave teachers a huge shout out and announced the launch of #ISeeMe, an initiative to support teachers of color, women teaching STEM, and any teacher requesting resources that reflect their student’s identities.


Lots of celebrity teacher advocates joined in, cheering on the initiative.


Learn more about #ISeeMe.

Our community celebrated across the country!

We saw outpourings of gratitude and excitement across social media all week long. Here are a few of our favorite moments:




It’s been a jam packed two weeks, and we’re so grateful to the teachers, donors, and partners who made it all possible. We appreciate you!

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