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Pay it forward? Or PLANT it forward with Disney?


Last year, Mr. Bonner had an idea: instead of just requesting materials that could help his students (undoubtedly a worthy enough undertaking!), why not help them help others?

Mr. Bonner’s students used the gardening materials partially funded by Disney’s Double Your Impact environmental offer to learn about ecosystems. And at the same time, they designed and planted a peace garden for the elderly at a retirement home in their community.At DonorsChoose.org, our mission is to engage the public in public schools. Kudos to Mr. Bonner and his students for showing us that public schools can engage the public, too!Teachers: Do you have a great idea for a hands on, environmental project like Mr. Bonner’s?Disney is partnering with DonorsChoose.org to once again support hands-on environmental projects for 3rd-8th grade classrooms this school year.How it works(1) If you are a 3rd-8th grade teacher, post a project now with a total cost of up to $1,000.(2) Make sure your project essays explain how you will use these materials to teach students about the environment in hands-on ways, and how these materials will foster creativity.(3) Select “Environmental Science” as your subject area.(4) If your project qualifies, you’ll see a “Half off thanks to Disney” logo on the project page within two weeks. This means Disney will fund half the cost of your project as long as other donors provide the rest!(5) You can post up to two qualifying projects this school year.

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