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Project of the Week: Tiny, 3-D Printed Architectural Marvels!


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Student holds up a 3D printed replica of a structure[/caption]Happy Friday! With school in full swing and the week winding to an end, we thought today would be a great day to try a new, semi-regular feature on this blog—a project of the week! Here we’ll be featuring photos from finished, fully funded projects and showcasing what makes them great.This week we selected a project from Mr. Bonneur of Morrison, Illinois: “Fill the Art Room with Filament”! According to Mr. Bonneur, “[my students] live in a rural area and sometimes feel as if they are the last to benefit from the latest technological advances.” To combat this, he requested shipment of PLA Filament to use in its MakerBot Mini 3D Printer. Thanks to a couple of generous donations earlier this month, his creative middle-school architects are now able to print their work!The new filament has already made a difference. Two days ago, after it arrived, Mr. Bonneur updated us with a few words of gratitude and commented on what the filament has added to his classroom and his school:

"The printer has been a major motivator. Student requests for working with the printer is so high that I had to develop a reward system for allowing access. This has translated into a motivator in other areas of school."

Congrats on the successful project, Mr. Bonneur! Now stretch those students’ creativity and ingenuity designing even more ambitious 3D-printing assignments! They’ve already gotten a great headstart!_Check out the full project, with Mr. Bonneur's updates, here. For more DonorsChoose.org projects (including more like this one that pair applied sciences with visual art), go here.


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