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Pledge to go back to school and support college readiness projects!


All Star Directories just kicked off an initiative called MySchoolPledge, which asks Americans of all ages and backgrounds to commit to going back to school in 2011. “Education can change your life, and we want to challenge Americans to take ownership of their futures by going to back to school,” said Doug Brown, CEO of All Star Directories, a leading publisher of online school directories. “Given the current economic climate, right now is the perfect time to expand your skill set and knowledge base. It is a fact that those with a college education are more likely to get hired, paid more and ultimately feel more fulfilled in their career of choice.”MySchoolPledge is about recognizing that there are many faces of back to school. So, to honor those who make the pledge to further their education, All Star Directories is donating $10,000 to college readiness projects on DonorsChoose.org this fall. To make a pledge to return to the classroom yourself, visit www.myschoolpledge.com. And, check out some of the innovative college readiness projects on DonorsChoose.org!Thanks MySchoolPledge!

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