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Progress Energy brings energy education projects 'Almost Home' in the Carolinas!


We are excited to announce that our friends at Progress Energy will once again fund $50,000 in energy-related project requests in the North and South Carolina communities it serves - with a twist!This year, all qualifying projects will be funded to less than $100, on the condition that citizen philanthropists bring the project across the finish line.To submit qualifying projects:

  1. Check the counties listed below and see if yours is served by Progress Energy. You should ask a school administrator if Progress Energy is your school’s provider.
  2. Log into your DonorsChoose.org account and submit up to three project requests (limited by your points availability) for hands-on resources that will help your students learn about energy, alternative energy (solar, wind and/or water), nuclear energy and sustainability.
  3. Within two weeks your qualifying projects will feature a Progress Energy logo, making them "almost home!" If you don’t see a logo on your project in two weeks, please contact us.

TIP:  Make sure you use keywords like “energy”, “alternative energy”, “electricity”, “nuclear”, “wind”, “water”, “solar” and/or “fuel” in your project title or essay!NOTE: Projects requesting materials that NEED energy - such as projectors, laptops, and Wii consoles - will not be eligible for funding. :)For ideas on projects that can qualify, see projects Progress Energy has supported in the past.Only requests from teachers at schools served by Progress Energy are eligible for funding through this offer. Here's the full list of counties.

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