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Project Ideas to Help Students Learn from Home


While schools are closed, distance learning looks different for each teacher and student away from the classroom. 

Teachers, as you adjust to teaching from home, you’ve probably gotten a better idea of what you need to build lessons and teach, and what resources your students have (and lack) at home. 

We’re here to help! Our new Distance Learning Projects (coming in early May) will allow you to ship essential learning materials directly to your home or to a student’s home. Whether it’s the basics with a bundle full of pencils, crayons, and paper, or a box of pantry essentials and snacks, or educational games and kits, you’ll be able to get the resources you need, delivered where you need them. 

Here are a few ideas to help you plan for your first Distance Learning Project. We reached out to some of our teachers who recently participated in our #KeepKidsLearning program, to see what they found most helpful for their students. 

Ms. Philip, an art teacher in California, told us about all the supplies she sent home to her students to keep them busy and creative. See below for some more inspiration!


The Basics

This is your starter kit to equip your students with the basics. 


Help your students stay energized and focused throughout the day 

Books, books, books!  

Books never disappoint. This collection will entertain, educate, and expand your students’ imagination 

See more book ideas for every grade level!

Art at Home 

Help your students process their feelings, express their creativity, and keep busy. 

The Explorer Kit 

Help your students learn new skills and explore new talents to bring back to the classroom next fall.

What resources are you thinking about for your Distance Learning Project?

Brush up on some DonorsChoose project best practices and remember that lower cost project requests (ideally around $500) are more likely to be funded quickly. 

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