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Project Spotlight: Colombia Cultural Exchange


Mr. Skillings’ students from Washington High School in Fremont, CA have learned a unique set of skills: Spanish and journalism. In an effort to further engage his students in their studies, Mr. Skilling devised the Colombia Cultural Exchange and Journalism Project.Five students will join him on a trip to Colombia where they will experience the country’s culture and beauty while cultivating relationships with their Colombian hosts. Mr. Skillings has planned an educational and action-packed agenda for his students. First they will stay on a coffee farm in the countryside, explore the cloud forests, and participate in an environmental service project with the local campesino youth. Next, the group will move to the urban city of Bogota where they will stay with volunteer host families. There they plan to tour museums, visit cultural and historical attractions such as the Bolivar Plaza, and work with economically disadvantaged schools. Throughout the trip Mr. Skillings’ students will practice their Spanish language skills and journalism techniques by interacting with the Colombian community through interviews with leaders in sports, art, social reform, and politics.Mr. Skillings hopes that his students will take their adventures to heart and surpass negative stereotypes about the country to “report on the real Colombia." Learn more about how you can help make Mr. Skilling’s project a reality here. ¡Buena suerte!

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