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Project Spotlight: Peace Flags in the Wind


Mr. Reilly from the Ogden International School of Chicago aims to turn his students into “peaceful, global citizens of the world.” Because of his school’s downtown location, Mr. Reilly’s students come from all over the world, representing an array of backgrounds and cultures. His school works to develop “challenging projects that encourage our students to become compassionate, lifelong learners.” This is what Mr. Reilly hopes for his project Peace Flags in the Wind.The inspiration for the project came to Mr. Reilly when he participated in the program in India. His experience allowed him to view first-hand the immense impact that this project can have on students. He explained: “By creating a peace flag that illustrates what peace means to each student, they will be able to see that, no matter what region, ethnicity or cultural background they come from, we are striving for the same thing: Peace!”Mr. Reilly has requested 40 sets of fabric markers so that his students can create Peace Flags and share with each other their own unique views on the subject. Learn about how you can help Mr. Reilly’s class on his project page!

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