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Project Spotlight: Positive Climate Campaign


Mr. Ghigliotty of Jefferson High School in Greely, CO is a new teacher at a newly created “alternative” high school. Working in one of the poorest districts in Colorado, many of his students cannot afford the supplies they need to start off the school year. Jefferson High has become a place where students can “feel safe and see the promise of a better life”. It is because of this perseverance that he sees in his students that Mr. Ghigliotty and his colleagues work every day to “serve the individual needs of each student – no matter their history, successes, or failures”.To give the drab walls of the school a facelift, Mr. Ghigliotty intends to launch a “Positive Climate Campaign”. The plan is simple: create posters with inspiring quotes and uplifting words to post on all of the walls of the school in an effort to enhance the message of support and safety that Jefferson High wants to convey to their students and community. “So many of our students are surrounded by negativity when they get home”, Mr. Ghigliotty explains. “They need a change of scenery. This project will help them change their mind-set about school and learning.”Mr. Ghigliotty’s requests are few: poster boards and markers. With these two supplies he hopes to empower his students to “make better choices, and carry with them the “wisdom” in the halls”. What can you do to contribute to Jefferson High’s “Positive Climate Campaign”?

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