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Project Spotlight: The Greatest Generation Meets the Next Generation


Located in rural North Carolina, Ms. Strickland of East Columbus High School wants to get her students more involved in their community. Several World War II veterans live in the small town of Lake Waccamaw, but unfortunately their numbers are in decline. Ms. Strickland’s students want to preserve snippets of wisdom and advice from what Americans consider the Greatest Generation. In order to do so, her class needs video cameras to record oral histories from these individuals who had a profound impact on our society.“According to the latest statistics,” Ms. Strickland explained, “we are losing thousands of World War II veterans and members of the Greatest Generation weekly.” These men and women survived some of the most difficult eras in our nation’s history – growing up in the Great Depression, and then fighting both at home and abroad during World War II. The Greatest Generation has paved the way for future generations to fight for their beliefs and stand up for freedom. Through this project Ms. Strickland wants her students to have the opportunity to “put a face with a generation of people who changed our lives forever.”Check out Ms. Strickland’s project for more details on how she plans to bring history alive in her classroom!

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