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Refer a Teacher, Earn $25 for Your Classroom!


You’ve seen the impact on your classroom when you share your classroom needs and dreams on DonorsChoose.org. With our Refer-a-Teacher program, you can help more teachers and students get the resources they need, and your students will benefit, too! 

When you help teachers create their first project on DonorsChoose.org through our referral program, you’ll unlock $25 in DonorsChoose.org credit to apply to your own projects. Here’s how to get started!!

  1. Share your unique referral link with a teacher who hasn’t used DonorsChoose.org before.
  2. Help them create their first project. (Bonus: we match donations to their project during its first week!)
  3. You receive a $25 DonorsChoose.org gift code to use on any project you like — including your own.

Refer a teacher

Many teachers have already benefited from our referral program. Mrs. Eliason referred over 20 teachers last year and their projects helped fund a number of different classroom resources and events, including a senior prom for students with special needs.

Some teachers need more convincing than others but if you're as persistent as Mrs. Tor, you can’t lose:

My coworker that I team teach with finalllllly decided to go all in and sign in/write a project (after hearing me go on and on and on about how amazing DonorsChoose.org is). She also had my daughter in her class. It was an amazing experience all around and it made my heart so happy to be there and see her open the boxes with all of our littles.

Mrs. Tor |Pre-K | Saint Johns, FL

Click here to get started with our Refer-a-Teacher program, and learn more in our help center.

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