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Run, Cindy, Run!


We’re always inspired by supporters who tell their friends and family about DonorsChoose.org. But we’re totally blown away by supporters who do so while running long distances!Cindy recently completed the Indianapolis Half Marathon, and asked friends and family to sponsor her race through her Giving Page. Just in case you weren’t impressed already, get this: she reached 890 students through her efforts! And, to spread the word even further about DonorsChoose.org, Cindy ran the race wearing a DonorsChoose.org bumper sticker.In Cindy’s own words: “I chose to support public school students through my half-marathon because I believe that all children should have access to the best educational tools regardless of their income. I felt inspired to raise money for DonorsChoose.org because it gives teachers a chance to provide much needed resources to their students and I want to be a part of something that helps students get those resources.”To see others running to help students in need, check out the Races Leaderboard. And consider throwing on running shoes (or a swimsuit or bike helmet) yourself!

Thanks so much for your contribution, Cindy, and congratulations on completing your race!

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