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School Specialty Contest Winners


Thank you to all teachers who entered School Specialty’s Classroom Makeover Contest! We appreciate your participation and hope you’ll continue to share your ideas, opinions, and experiences in our discussion forum.We thought we’d share a few highlights from the contest, which asked teachers to share advice or personal classroom experiences for a chance to win:

Technology in my classroom: “Having an iPad has made a huge impact in my special education/autism/behavior classroom...With the handwriting apps as well as apps for reading and other academic subjects, these students have transformed the way they learn and eagerly embrace learning time when they are on the iPad.”

Creating a memorable thank-you package: “I have my students web their ideas about why the donation is significant as a class on the board - we talk about how the materials we received will make our learning more fun/interesting/etc and compare our classroom before/after getting the materials. Doing this has resulted in some really heartfelt letters that surprised me with their detail and appreciation, and it also helps give my struggling learners and writers a good starting point.”

The most high-impact item I’ve received: “The most recent books aimed at helping my kids deal with bullying. The students are so eager to look at them and take the ideas and share them with younger students… The motivation that these books have given my students is amazing.”

The 17 lucky winners, randomly selected:Grand Prize - Interactive Whiteboard Set (1):

1) Mrs. Sellers - Compass Academy in Odessa, Texas

Assorted Classroom Bundles (10):

1) Ms. Callanan - Boces Early Childhood Center in Levittown, NY

2) Mrs. Johnson - Clifton Ridge Middle School in Macon, GA

3) Mrs. Dudley - Reedy Creek Elementary School in Charlotte, NC

4) Ms. Garcia - Harris Elementary School in Austin, TX

5) Mrs. Webb - Westfield High School in Chantilly, VA

6) Mrs. Mceachern - William Irvin Elementary School in Concord, NC

7) Mrs. Taylor - Leesville Road Elementary School in Lynchburg, VA

8) Ms. Bowden - Brownville Elementary School in Brownville, MA

9) Ms. Leishman - Commodore Sloat Elementary School in San Francisco, CA

10) Mrs. Gilbert - Briscoe Academy in San Antonio, TX

School Supply Kits (6):

1) Mrs. Veneris - Western Guilford High School in Greensboro, NC

2) Mrs. Smith - Endhaven Elementary School in Charlotte, NC

3) Mrs. Joyce - Propel East Charter School in Turtle Creek, PA

4) Ms. Goitia - Elvira Elementary School in Tucson, AZ

5) Mrs. Harris - Sequoyah Elementary School in Tulsa, OK

6) Ms. Talamantez - ALC-East in Houston, TX

Although this contest has ended, you can join the conversations in our discussion forum any time. Hope to see you there!** We want to remind our teachers that School Specialty is offering each of the prize bundles above at steep discounts only through DonorsChoose.org. Search by item number when creating your new project to find them quickly. You’ll see the discounted price in your cart.

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