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How to Effectively Shop For Your Students on DonorsChoose.org

Shopping in many storefronts

When shopping for your students, every dollar matters. Projects on our site that have a low cost are most often successful. By learning what options are available, you can keep your cost low and set your project up for success.During project creation, we make it as easy as we can to shop around for the best deal, putting all your favorite storefronts on one street (or, metaphors aside, one web page). The tips below will help you get the lowest possible prices as you create your DonorsChoose.org project.

Get the Supplies Catalogue

To make sure you know your options, we’ve put together this handy DonorsChoose.org supplies catalogue. You can use this guide to find the vendor with the best flexible seating, the most cutting-edge technology, or the most innovative special needs resources—all at the best price. Even when you're on the hunt for basics such as art supplies, the difference between two paint sets can be as much as $60!

Paints at different prices

Sales, Free Shipping, and Curated Teacher Discounts

Vendors on DonorsChoose.org offer teachers special discounts and competitive prices to give teachers the best deal. This back-to-school season, there are all kinds of sales and discounts going on. For example, Lakeshore Learning currently has a sale on STEM materials and Best Buy Education is offering discounts on bundled headphones. AKJ Education is continuously setting the lowest prices on the top 100 books DonorsChoose.org teachers order from them. On top of offering sales, many of our vendors also provide free and fast shipping.

Sales, free shipping, 50% off tags

Double Donations with Your Items

Another way to ensure your project has the lowest possible cost is to see whether your request qualifies for a match offer, many of which are backed by our vendors. Qualifying for one of these offers automatically doubles all donations to your project. Right now, for example, if you’re looking to equip your students to learn about environmental science, you could double the donations towards the binoculars they’ll use to observe local wildlife. Don’t miss out on the current match offers in your area.

Student observing nature with binoculars

Keep Your Options Open

During project creation, you can see a list of all available vendors on the “Go Shopping” page. Scroll through and browse! These vendors are lining up to serve teachers and help make projects a success. So grab your supplies catalogue and pop into each storefront when you’re shopping for your students. By comparing prices, taking advantage of sales, and keeping apprised of match offers, you can keep your cost low and get those key resources to your students.

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