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WE THE ECONOMY, 20 Short Films You Can’t Afford to Miss[/caption]Last year, our friends over at Vulcan released WE THE ECONOMY, a film series teaching fundamental economics in easy to digest shorts.Produced by Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions and Morgan Spurlock’s Cinelan, each film is helmed by an acclaimed filmmaker and leading economic advisor seeking to demystify the economy. Since the release, WE THE ECONOMY has won more than 12 awards, in education, news, digital and social responsibility. The educational programs have been highlighted in the nation’s leading economic and educational resource platforms and has gained credibility as a valuable resource and teaching tool amongst educators.Watch the trailer below to see what this is all about! If you’re interested in using this in your classroom, visit https://wetheeconomy.com/ to find the films and check out the discussion guide and classroom lesson plans.

WE THE ECONOMY Series Trailer from We The Economy on Vimeo.

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