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Show your college pride!


It's College Pride Day here in the DonorsChoose.org office. We all dressed in our favorite college t-shirt, and enjoyed some college-appropriate snacks (mac & cheese and ice cream, anyone?) for lunch.

In honor of College Pride Day, we wanted to share one of our favorite College readiness classroom projects. Mrs. Ernwine is requesting copies of the book "C is for College". Her high school students have a mentoring program with younger students at the school, through which they share what they've learned about going to college. She plans to have her high schoolers read "C is for College" to the younger students, to get them excited about the prospect of going to college some day.

Not only does the mentorship program give her older students a chance to be leaders, it also gives the younger students a chance to learn important lessons from older students they can look up to. She hopes that having these books will "help students realize that college is possible and expose them early on to what college is and the benefits of going to college". Take a look at Mrs. Ernwine's project "Off to College We Go" to learn more about how she is getting students ready for college!

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