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The Six Graphics You Need to See Before School Begins


This upcoming school year holds many unknowns, but we know that teachers will be giving students their all each and every day. These six data-backed graphics will give you exclusive insight into what teachers are thinking about, the resources they need, and the best way you can support education this year.

Schools are taking a variety of approaches to reopening, and many are still making decisions

Teachers' responses to the question "What is your district's plan for the fall?"8%: Fully Remote9: Fully In-Person23%: Blended58%: Uncertain

The coronavirus pandemic has affected different communities in different ways, and students will not all have the same September. DonorsChoose teachers shared with us how their district will tackle the back-to-school season.

Coronavirus concerns center on resources and safety

68% of students lacked sufficient resources at home to continue learning92% of teachers did not have the resources to run a remote learning program

As teachers get ready for a school year of change and uncertainty, they’re thinking about how to keep themselves and students healthy, and how to facilitate learning regardless from where they’re teaching.

"My mind is full of questions. I would like to know, how will I be protected? What precautions will be in place to ensure that I’m not risking my well being for in-class instruction, when I can do the same virtually? What guidelines can be put in place to ensure students engage online daily? I’m feeling impatient because school will start before we know it, and nothing has been decided to formulate an effective plan."

Teachers need books and basics more than ever

Top Items PurchasedBooks 71%Classroom basics 69%Activity kits & games 59%Art supplies 58%Additional categories purchasedMath supplies 24%Food items 23%Student hygiene items 22%Sensory items 13%Science equipment 10%Music equipment 2%

From books and board games for students, to tablets and document cameras for teachers, distance learning resources are in high demand. These top-requested items are helping students learn, no matter where they are.

Diverse books help teach students about equity

List of diverse books recommended by The Conscious Kid. See link in text to view the full list.

Students will be returning from a summer where racial justice was front and center, and many students will likely have questions, thoughts, and feelings they need guidance to process. Teachers are hungry for these resources, and The Conscious Kid and Google for Education teamed up to build a list of inclusive books

Whether reading I Love My Hair to kindergarteners or helping high school seniors unpack Just Mercy, teachers can bring new worlds of understanding to students through literature.

Teachers have ALL the feelings about heading back to school

A word cloud. The largest words include: anxious, uncertain, scared, apprehensive, nervous, and excited.

We asked our teacher Facebook Community to share one word that describes how they feel about the back-to-school season.

Gratitude for teachers is through the roof!

Parents' Appreciation for Teachers bar graph — "Then" is a small purple bar, "Now" is a large bar filled with colors.

All year, every year, teachers go above and beyond for students. Distance learning has shined a spotlight on that work, and the public is aware more than ever of the incredible work educators do each day.

Looking for a way to help teachers as they get ready for a back-to-school season like none other? Support a project!

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