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Supporting Strangers: Which State Gives the Most to Your State?

Who brings teacher dreams to life in your state? Read this post to find out!


This post was published in July 2018 and was updated in July 2021.

More than half of the donations on DonorsChoose come from a supporter who’s never met the teacher they’re giving to. For teachers, the magic of knowing someone you’ve never met supports you, your classroom, and your students is priceless.

 DonorsChoose allows me as an educator to connect with people across the country who understand the importance of these materials and generously fund projects to obtain them. There is a sense of community and endless support from donors. It makes me feel valued as an educator. — Mrs. Rodriguez-Calzada, Illinois

Being a data-driven organization, we naturally wanted to put numbers behind that feeling. So, it was time to figure out who the biggest supporters of each state (and Washington DC) were. It turns out that New Yorkers love giving to their neighbors in Connecticut. South Carolinians support their neighbors to the North, and vice versa. Our friends in Wyoming are spreading the love across the southwest. As it turns out, landlocked Hoosiers are especially generous to Hawaiian teachers.

Who brings teacher dreams to life in your state? Take a look below!

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