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Student Artists Capture Memories That Last a Lifetime


In February, North Carolina art teacher Ms. Cloyd posted a DonorsChoose.org project to fund a collaboration with The Memory Project.Through The Memory Project, talented student artists use photographs of disadvantaged children around the world to create portraits. The finished artwork is then delivered to the kids, leaving them with a special memory to cherish for a lifetime. According to Ms. Cloyd:

"Learning to use your creative talents and the importance of "giving back" are lessons my students need to become adults who will lead the world forward, solve problems, and make good choices in how to invest their time and efforts."

With the help of generous donors, nineteen orphans in Guyana received beautifully sketched portraits from these gifted art students. Check out 6 of the children's preserved “memories” below:

If these portraits aren't impressive enough, Labria Lloyd's stunning artwork took home "Best in Show" at the 2013 Congressional Art Show AND was hung in the Capitol Building!

We want to thank Ms. Cloyd for creating such an innovative project for her students. You rock!

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