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Support the Chess Team from Brooklyn Castle


Can you imagine a school where the chess players are the cool kids? Look no further than I.S. 318 in Brooklyn, NY!Last year, this renowned chess team became the first middle school team to win the U.S. Chess Federation’s national HIGH SCHOOL championships. The team’s talented players have been called “the Yankees of the chess world” and were featured in the documentary Brooklyn Castle. Take two minutes to watch the trailer from the film below:http://vimeo.com/49483695Unfortunately, severe budget cuts caused the team to lose public funding 5 years ago. Since then, they have survived solely through the support of a few generous donors. We have created a project to give the I.S. 318 chess team new materials—like boards, scorebooks, and timing clocks—and fund their travel costs to national championships.Together we can save the I.S. 318 chess program and help them continue their 10 year winning streak. Show them your support by funding the Brooklyn Castle project today.

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