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TakePart’s Great Back-to-School Challenge: New Trombone Needed!


TakePart’s Great Back-to-School Challenge is well under way with only six more projects that need funding!One such project was posted by Mrs. Batdorf of Hilltonia Middle School in Columbus, OH. She wants her students to experience the joy and challenge of playing a musical instrument. “My students love music”, she declared. “They love everything about it. From the excitement of learning to play a challenging song, to the relationships they have built, my students are hooked”. While the music program at Hilltonia is advancing quickly, there is one thing that seems to be holding it back: the instruments. According to Mrs. Batdorf, the “instruments are older than my students’ parents”!To help her music program grow, Mrs. Batdorf has requested a new trombone. With the addition of the trombone to the school’s collection of instruments, she will not only be able to bring new experiences to the students currently participating in the band, but bring other students to the program as well. Mrs. Bratdorf is already extremely optimistic about the donations made towards her project. “I appreciate the lesson that you are helping me to teach my students in regards to giving back”. She explained, “Character education is perhaps the most important part of my job and the lessons you all have taught my students are truly invaluable”.Visit TakePart to learn more about Mrs. Batdorf’s project.

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