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TakePart’s Great Back-to-School Challenge: School Supplies for Military Kids


Check out the latest project for TakePart’s Great Back-to-School Challenge!Mrs. Whorley of Hazelwood Elementary School in Clarksville, TN teaches students whose parents are stationed a state away in Kentucky. Many of the children in her classroom face not only the challenges of growing up with an absent parent, but also the fear and worry when their parents are deployed. “My students are the average fun loving children”, Mrs. Whorley explains, “but they are dealing with an adult like issue”.In order to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for her students, Mrs. Whorley has requested a number of interactive games and activities that promote basic reading and math comprehension skills. Through these innovative learning tools, Mrs. Whorley hopes to give her students the opportunity to learn without the added burden of worrying about their deployed parent. “While these students’ parents are serving our country and ensuring our freedom”, she says, “I will like to ensure that coming to school is a positive experience while they await the arrive of their parent’s return”.Visit TakePart to learn more about Mrs. Whorley and her students, and to make a donation to help the children of the people who are keeping us safe.

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